Aluminium extrusion profiles
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Aluminium extrusion manufactures

End to end solutions from casting to finished aluminium profiles


Aluminium extrusions

Develop any critical Die for any product or aluminium sector application

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Our integrated supply chain enables on time delivery and compititive prices


Aluminium profile manufactures

We continuously study user experience and market trends to update ourselves

Malabar Extrusions, Best Aluminium extrusion profile manufactures based in Kerala, India. We imagine, innovate and inspire to supply our customers with quality products at competitive prices on demand and on time. The secret of our success lies in our ability to complement and support an ever-growing demand for aluminium to cater to regional needs. Aside from the primary extrusion production Malabar Extrusions also provides Aluminium doors, Windows, Kitchen Cabinets Wall Panels, Powder coated, Wood finished, anodized and electro coated Aluminium products and aluminum Products for any application. Our mission is to complement and support the ever-growing demand for aluminium architecture and design internationally, with special emphasis on the national needs. All our dies are manufactured utilizing the latest computer aided machine centers. Our designs are based on years of accumulated experience as well as feedback from our customers.

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